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Foosball Tables: Knowing Your Options And Tips For Buying

In the past, foosball tables were often made cheaply. There simply wasn't enough demand for companies to produce high-quality tables. But, times change and the growing popularity of foosball has resulted in a growing demand for durable foosball tables. Some tables can easily reach prices of several thousands of dollars. If you're planning to buy a foosball table, this article will be valuable to you. Below, you'll learn about a few differences in foosball tables as well as a few tips for when you're ready to buy a new table.

Foosball Table Differences

Foosball tables can vary in several ways. One of the main differences you'll notice is that many American tables have 3 goalies on each rod. In the past, most American and European tables were outfitted with only 1 goalie. Also, the balls that come with many modern foosball tables can be made from a variety of materials including plastic, wood, cork, or even metal. The type of material from which the balls are made can affect your shots and the velocity with which they travel.

American foosball tables often have foosmen that are constructed of hard plastic or other materials, allowing fast and powerful shots. French tables often have a slower feel to the playability due to a softer ball and heavier foosmen. German tables have a softer feel to the men, the ball and the playing surface. This allows shots with unparalleled precision.

Tips To Consider When Buying A Foosball Table

When you're buying a foosball table, there are many components of which you may be unaware. Considering these factors may allow you to more fully enjoy your foosball table. For example, many tables come with counterweighted foosmen. When the table rods are released the weights cause the figures to rest in a horizontal pattern, removing possible obstacles to your shots.

A good foosball table should be equipped with a reliable leveler. With repeated use, older tables that lack a table leveler would begin tilting, causing one player to have an advantage over his opponent (as the ball would continue drifting toward one side of the table). A leveler prevents this from happening and prolongs the life and usefulness of your foosball table.

Another factor to be aware of is the material from which the foosball table is constructed. Tables can be made from wood, composite, or particle board. Moisture can cause a wood table to warp. Composite absorbs much less moisture than wood. So, a foosball table made from thick (at least an inch) composite typically won't develop any severe warps. Particle board tables are usually cheaper than solid wood or composite tables. But, the material can easily weaken leading to damage. While cheaper upfront, a particle board foosball table will likely become unusable more quickly.

Buying An Affordable Foosball Table

When you're buying a foosball table, consider it an investment. You want to invest in a table that will be durable while offering great playability. Some features, such as counterweighted men, aren't necessary. Other features, such as table levelers and the material from which the table is made, are much more important. Foosball tables aren't cheap. But, it's possible to invest in a table that offers longevity and great playability for an affordable price. Explore popular brands such as Tornado, Shelti and Carrom tables. These foosball tables have a fantastic reputation and offer many of the features that you should consider important.