Racquetball Shoes Exposed - Keys To A Good Shoe

If you have ever watched a racquetball game between experienced players, you'll have witnessed firsthand the amount of movement required to perform well on the court. The activity during a game is frenetic. Often, the ball will travel in directions contrary to what the players anticipate. Experienced players know that racquetball demands an ability to move quickly and change directions without notice. Good racquetball shoes are critical to being an effective player. This article will give you a few tips on how to select the right shoes for your game.

Comfort Is Critical

Your level of comfort should be one of your primary concerns. If your shoes don't fit well, you won't play well. Unless you have already found the size and type of shoe that fits your feet perfectly, you'll need to try on several pairs. Every pair will fit each person differently. It's critical that you test how they fit your feet.

Because you'll be moving around so much while playing, racquetball shoes should be lightweight. Heavy shoes can weigh down your feet. When you're struggling to reach a ball, you may find lightweight shoes come in handy. Ultimately, the more comfortable your shoes feel, the better you'll play to your ability.

Going For Gum

Most racquetball shoes today have gummed soles. They provide two main benefits. First, most importantly for the player, gummed soles provide an enormous amount of traction. As mentioned, players are often required to switch directions quickly when a ball travels in an unpredictable pattern. Traction helps players do this effectively. The traction also prevents players from slipping on the court. Second, gummed soles usually won't mark or damage the floors of racquetball courts.

Where To Buy Racquetball Shoes

If you haven't previously worn racquetball shoes or found a pair that feel comfortable, you'll need to visit a tennis shop or sporting goods store to try on several pairs.  Ektelon and Wilson both offer good, lightweight racquetball shoes that are well-regarded amongst experienced players. Try those first if they're available. Once you find shoes that are comfortable, you can either buy them at the store or find them online. Online retailers will ship the shoes to you once you order from their website. You may find lower prices online because many retailers don't have the overhead that the merchants in your city may have.

Final Thoughts

The most important factor to buying a good pair of racquetball shoes is how comfortable they feel. Gummed soles are also important for moving quickly on the court, but if your shoes don't feel comfortable, you won't play to your ability. Keep in mind that racquetball shoes endure a lot of wear and tear if you play often. If you play several times a week, your shoes may develop a tear near the front of the shoes within a few months. If this happens, be sure to replace the shoes. Once you find racquetball shoes that fit well, are lightweight and provide the mobility you need on the court, try to stick with that brand. It will make replacing worn pairs much easier.