Tips For Buying The Right Racquetball Gloves

Even though racquetball gloves aren't considered mandatory when you play, you should consider investing in a good pair. The right kind of gloves can impact your game. They can prevent you from losing your grip on your racquet. They can also protect your hands from injury if they're accidentally struck by the ball or by your opponent's racquet. However, not all racquetball gloves are the same. Some are better-suited for your game than others. This article will provide you with 4 tips that you can use to find gloves that can help you compete more effectively on the court.

Tip #1: Choose The Right Material

Most racquetball gloves are made from either soft leather, goatskin, sheepskin, or a synthetic leather material. One material is not universally better than the others. It depends largely on your personal preferences. Choose the material according to how it feels when you're wearing the glove. Many players like the feel of the soft leather while others prefer sheepskin. Some players claim that synthetic gloves often require more time to "break in" and feel comfortable.

Tip #2: Choose Ventilation

Your hands are going to sweat while you're playing racquetball. It's unavoidable. When your hands sweat, the moisture can cause a certain level of slippage within the glove. Try to invest in gloves that soak up the moisture effectively and allow your hands to breathe. Leather ventilated gloves will accomplish both. Racquetball gloves made up leather will usually soak up moisture well while synthetic leather does so less capably.

Tip #3: Choose A Snug Fit

Racquetball gloves should fit snugly around your hand. If you notice ripples across your glove, the glove is likely too loose. The ideal glove should fit reasonably tight while allowing plenty of flexibility. If possible, buy gloves with elastic wristbands. The elasticity of the wristband will allow your hand to move flexibly while allowing the glove to maintain a tight fit. Also, try holding your racquet while the glove is on your hand. This will give you a good idea of how well the glove truly fits.

Tip #4: Tackier Is Better

Your grip and control of your racquet is a key element in your level of competitiveness on the court. Many racquetball gloves come with a tacky surface on the outside of the palm. This surface helps you maintain control of your racquet without losing your grip. Some gloves, such as the Ektelon Max Tack PRO are designed to become tackier with continued use. Because racquetball is so quickly-paced, it's often easy to lose your grip on your racquet. The tackier your glove, the better control you'll have.

Final Thoughts

Racquetball gloves are an important factor in becoming an effective player. Though they're not required, most experienced players prefer to wear them. The right glove offers a lot of ventilation, a tight fit with plenty of flexibility and enough tack to maintain your grip on your racquet. Buy a few gloves. Even leather gloves that are extremely effective for soaking up moisture and keeping your hands dry can develop excess moisture with prolonged use. The extra gloves may come in handy if you're planning on spending a lot of time on the court. An investment in the right set of gloves can pay dividends by making you a better player.