5 Pieces Of Essential Surfing Equipment

Most of the equipment that you'll need to get started surfing should be intuitive. You've likely observed enough surfers (either at the beach or on television) to have a good idea of the types of equipment they use. That being said, it's easy to forget to bring certain items unless you have a checklist. In this article, we'll give you a quick overview of the equipment you'll need to bring to enjoy surfing.

#1 - Surfboard

Obviously, you need a surfboard. But, there are different types, each with a different set of qualities. For example, some surfers prefer longboards. They're heavy and can span over 12 feet. They're also inconvenient. That's why most surfers now prefer using shorter boards. They're usually lighter and allow a greater level of control and maneuverability on the waves. If you're just getting started, you should use a board that's 7 or 8 feet. It can give you a good blend of control and flexibility.

#2 - Leash

You're going to need a leash to prevent losing your board. Plan on falling off your board or wiping out. It happens to every surfer. The leash connects you to your surfboard so the waves won't carry it away. Plus, a runaway board can be dangerous to other surfers in the area. The leash minimizes the chances of your board causing injury. It wraps around your ankle and is typically made of an elastic cord.

#3 - Wax

The surface of your surfboard can be slippery. It's hard enough to maintain your balance while riding the waves. You want to minimize the chances of slipping off your board. Surfboard wax was created specifically to provide traction for your feet. The wax is usually made from beeswax mixed with paraffin and should be rubbed across the entire length of your board. Most surfers prefer to apply several coats of surfwax. Use it generously. It can make a huge difference in being able to stay on your board.

#4 - Wetsuit

You won't always need a wetsuit when you're surfing. But, when the water is cold, they can help you retain body heat. No matter how enjoyable surfing is, it's unpleasant if you're freezing in the water. When you're ready to buy a wetsuit, make sure it fits properly. Depending upon the temperature of the water, you may be able to use a lighter full-body wetsuit that won't weigh you down with excess bulk.

#5 - Backpack

Besides your surfboard, your backpack may be one of the most important pieces of "equipment" you can bring. This is where you can store your extra leashes, surfing wax, boardshorts, changes of clothing, rashguards and other items. When you're in a hurry, having everything in one place is critical. You may not think of your backpack as essential, but you'll soon learn to depend upon it for quick and easy storage.

Ready To Ride The Waves

You have your surfboard, leash, surfwax and wetsuit. You've invested in a durable backpack in which you can store all of your smaller surfing equipment. There are plenty of other accessories that you can buy. But, if you already have the above, you're ready to get started. As you become more experienced, you'll probably want to explore different types of surfboards. They will be your biggest investment. For now, simply get your feet wet and enjoy the beauty of surfing with the equipment you have. After all, you can always go back for more later.