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Tips For Selecting The Right Yoga Clothes

If you have ever watched someone perform yoga, you already realize how much room your clothing must allow while practicing poses. The clothing you wear while doing yoga can either hinder your movements (and even cut off circulation) or facilitate your body so you can get the most out of your poses. While there is no "correct" set of clothes for yoga, there are a few tips you should consider in order to maximize your body's ability to perform poses.

Comfort Is Critical

If you feel uncomfortable while practicing poses, you should stop. Yoga is about reaching an inner peace while stretching your body in ways that massage your organs, relieve stress and promote circulation. If the clothes you're wearing are causing you discomfort, you won't be able to benefit from the poses. Try wearing loose clothes that allow your body to move freely without feeling restrained. As an alternative, you can wear spandex clothes with elastic that bends to your body's movements.

If you're concerned about your form while practicing poses, consider wearing shorts. That way, you'll be able to see the alignment of your legs and knees so you can make adjustments immediately if needed.

Wear Clothes Made From Cotton

Some types of yoga require a lot of movement that will cause you to sweat. For example, if you practice Bikram yoga, you'll sweat profusely. You should wear a shirt made of cotton that can absorb your sweat. If your yoga clothes are incapable of absorbing sweat, you'll feel uncomfortable and may be unable to concentrate on your poses or meditation. Buying cotton will also allow your body to breathe, a major benefit during poses that require a lot of movement.

Another benefit of wearing cotton clothes is that they allow a bit of stretching and strain in the seams. Some types of yoga require poses that extensive stretching. Clothes made from materials other than cotton may actually rip or tear. Organic cotton tends to be more durable.

For The Ladies

Ladies should invest in a comfortable sports bra that provides support. You'll feel more confident, less distracted and will be able to more easily concentrate on your poses and meditation.

Bare Feet Are Best

In the past, yoga was practiced with bare feet. Doing yoga with bare feet allows a free, uninhibited feeling which can help you concentrate during meditation. In recent years, it has become more common for people to wear socks or shoes while practicing yoga. This is due to a greater awareness of sanitation and hygiene. As many people don't use their own mats for practicing yoga, there is a hesitancy to expose their feet to another's mat. Today, many yoga instructors forbid students from wearing shoes or socks while practicing yoga.

Yoga Clothes For Worry-Free Yoga

It's better to feel comfortable than simply look good while wearing yoga clothes. So much of yoga depends upon being able to perform poses while feeling uninhibited by your clothes. Your body must be able to move freely while feeling comfortable. If possible, purchase yoga clothes that are made from organic cotton. They'll absorb sweat easily, allow your body to breathe and remain strong as your body stretches. Ladies should buy a comfortable sports bra that offers support. Finally, grow accustomed to practicing yoga in your bare feet. With the right set of yoga clothes, you'll be able to lose yourself in your poses and meditation.